As teachers, as citizens, and as human beings, we watched the appalling murder of George Floyd and feel we cannot remain silent.   We share the outrage and anger and stand with those who seek meaningful change and an end to all racism. We join our voice to the voices of those seeking justice, seeking an end to police brutality, and striving for an end to economic and educational inequality.   We strive to make all students in our classrooms feel welcome and supported and to create an environment where we learn from one  another.   As an association, we welcome and serve all teachers.  

Earlier this year, the AATF created the following statement:

The AATF is an inclusive association, which seeks to build, value, honor and cultivate diversity. Associations that are diverse in age, race, ethnicity, faith, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, and perspectives are better associations.  To this end, we seek to create a community where educators, from any background, can promote francophone cultures around the world.