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janvier 2023




Reference (L’Epiphanie) and choose a hands-on activity that students can make at home, show and explain during virtual class time.


Use Poll Everywhere to have students post their new year’s resolutions. Discuss common themes. Incorporate ideas for Healthy living.


Use FlipGrid to have students talk about how their holiday traditions were different this year due to the pandemic. Allow other students to comment/like, discuss making connections through all of your classes.


Play Virtual Galette des Rois



Watch a firework display from Paris to bring in the new year.


or Versailles


French 1 


Use Quizlet to review holiday vocabulary.


Play “Kahoot” to review “Les Traditions de Noel”.    


Watch a demonstration of how to make “Une galette des Rois” (or read a simple recipe). Have students make a list of ingredients they recognize.



Introduce the traditional song “La Marche des Rois”.




French 2 


Write New Year’s Resolutions using Aller + Infinitif and/or Le Futur Simple with Regular Verbs. Post on Flipgrid (speaking) Padlet (writing).


Alexa – Aller (au present)



Watch a demonstration of how to make “Une galette des Rois”. Have students make a list of verbs from the video with definitions.


Play a review Jeopardy game (variety of topics)



French 3 


Study the French Zodiac and write a horoscope under a sign using Le Futur Simple while emphasizing verbs with irregular stems. Post on Padlet or Poll Everywhere. For fun, choose a classmate and write a positive zodiac and exchange.



Watch a demonstration of how to make “Une galette des Rois”.

Encourage students to make “une galette” using a simple recipe and play with their families at home. Take photos. Share online.



French 4 


Research “Le Musee de Blain” online and answer questions pertaining to its, location, hours of operation, contact information, etc. from the website.


Create an EdPuzzle using a (portion) of an interview about “Artisanat: les fèves de l'Épiphanie, de la tradition à la passion”



Participate in a Yoga class virtually.,1341416.asp


Discus/Debate what defines beauty under the AP theme:


  1. Theme 6: Beauty and Aesthetics / L’esthétique
  • Ideals of Beauty / Le beau
  • Music / La musique
  • Performing Arts / Les arts du spectacle
  • Visual Arts / Les arts visuels

Overarching Essential Questions:

  • How are perceptions of beauty and creativity established?
  • How do ideals of beauty and aesthetics influence daily life?
  • How do the arts both challenge and reflect cultural perspectives?




French 5 


Create an EdPuzzle using a (portion) of a TV interview about “Le Musee de Blain”, a museum  for “les feves”.



Discuss/Debate the COVID-19 Vaccine(s) using the AP theme:

(multiple vaccines, order of distribution, choice to receive or not)


  • Theme 2: Science and Technology / La science et la technologie

Overarching Essential Questions:

  • How do developments in science and technology affect our lives?
  • What factors have driven innovation and discovery in the fields of science and technology?
  • What role does ethics play in scientific advancement?



avril 2022

Favorite Francophone Music:

Here are some results from our music survey.  Thank you to those who contributed. 

Artist             Preferred Song          Proposed Activities                                                                               Website

top 2- Black M and Vianney

Cesar, Pour de vrai, Beau-papa, La Même, Allez reste, Je suis chez moi, Sur ma route et beaucoup plus

Since I teach lower levels I keep it simple and fun- listen/look for words you know, figure out what the chorus means, first impressions of the song, check Edpuzzle for some ready made activities that work for a variety of levels for videos for popular songs


Kids United

On écrit sur les murs

ecrire une carte à une personne qu'on aime



All are wonderful. :)

Fill in the missing lyrics (can be used to practice grammar or vocabulary).

Bigflo & Oli

Demain, papa, Dommage, Bienvenue chez moi

I play it as students enter the class. Sometimes I use music for grammar, sometimes for culture. Sometimes for karaoke, Just Dance or musical chairs.

youtube, vevo


Le pire (environment theme), Est-ce que tu m'aimes (pronouns), Sapés comme jamais (sapeur culture in Congo)

Identify vocabulary in music video; cloze exercises; write own version of a verse



Ne Chantez Pas !

This is the band that is fronted by Etienne. He has tons and tons of activities for his songs. Like fill in the blank lyrics, questions about the lyrics and their meaning and items like wordsearches and crosswords.

Amadou & Mariam

Sénégal Fast Food

Listening (time, family, geography/francophonie) and Discussion of Immigration


fevrier 2022

decembre 2021

Reference  (Les Fetes) and choose a hands on activity that students can make at home, show and explain during virtual class time. Perhaps a paper sabot? 
Use Poll Everywhere to answer a question or create a word balloon about a holiday (or other) topic.
Use FlipGrid to have students talk about their favorite holiday traditions. Allow other students to comment/like, discuss.
French 1 - Make a digital greeting card. 
Send a card to a teacher, a relative or another person in class.
Send a virtual sabot to a friend with "gifts" : words/short phrases of encouragement and kindness. Students with good tech skills can make one that when it is clicked upon, the "gifts" come out.
Use the hands activity to create a virtual Christmas tree. Their hands are the branches. 
French 2 - Write Pere Noel a letter. He has an actual email address.
Research holiday traditions in Provence: La Fête de St. Barbe, Les Santons, Les Treize desserts, la Fête de St. Nicolas. Create a game,choice board involvong the different traditions.
Research stories about the real St. Nicolas. Create a unique story of gift giving that he may have done. Students could writie a short story or use book creator.
Make a "Santon" at home using materials of their choice  Scan and send a paper Santon form for them to choose from. Build a creche individually or as a class using padlet and a photo of their finished Santon.
French 3 - Research "Diner de Reveillon" in a francophone country of their choice. Create a google slide for each part of the meal. Cook one part of the meal and show to the class.  Create a festive place setting virtually, label and explain.
Research Buche de Noel recipes and make one at home. Have a virtual Buche de Noel Contest. Take photos. Have students vote online.
French 4 - Create a virtual kindness calendar for the school week. Have each student complete an act of kindness at home or reach out to someone virtually.
Research a French Volunteer Organization and explain what they do and how they contribute.  Have students create their own imaginary organization, define its objective and give it a catchy title. 
Research Holiday Traditions around the world in a francophone country of their choice. Create a google slide for each chosen element (ex. food, gift giving, religious practices). Prepare one dish from a traditional meal and share/explain virtually.
French 5 - Kwanzaa - Learn about the dates, principles, symbols and principles. Research Kuumba and the Karamu feast.
Make a homemade kinara, or mkeka (Kwanzaa mat) at home. Decorate a Kwanzaa table virtually. Label the symbols in French and Swahili.
Research local Kwanzaa Celebrations and then create a poster for a (real or imagnay)Kwanzaa Celebration . Include times, dates, and activities emphasizing traditions completed during Kwanzaa.
Prepare a Karamu dish at home and share virtually and with your family.
These activities can be adapted in many ways using google docs, padlet, polleverywhere, flipgrid, canva, schoology, word, book creator or by having students create at home. Happy December!



juin 2021

Biscuits de Madeleine fait à la main

Recette – Biscuits de Madeleine

Submitted by Kimberley Harter, Webmaster AATF of CNY


I’ve always wanted to make these delicious cookies, and years ago, my husband bought me the perfect Madeleine cookie sheets, which sadly sat neglected in the cupboard for a very long time.  With teaching French full time, advising French Club and SHF, leading the World Language Department, and raising a family, let’s simply say that time constraints kept me from taking the time to prepare what I consider to be a sweet French delicacy beyond the savory flavors of coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon and soupe à l'oignon gratinée. 

Now steeped in my retirement and the recent pandemic, giving me an abundance of time at home, I’ve researched an easy recipe (comme, malheureusement, je ne suis pas pâtissière), and have been making “les biscuits de Madeleine” in abundance for every occasion that I can think of. Quelle amusement!  This particular recipe is full proof for the first-time baker and renders delicious, picture-perfect sponge cake cookies that historically were a favorite of Louis XV. 

Originating in Commercy, Lorraine, a young girl named Madeleine, followed her grandmother’s recipe and created what is to this day, an iconic “pâtisserie” that is synonymous and identifiable with the best cheeses and wines of France.  Louis XV, after paying a visit to Lorraine and tasting these delightful golden gems, took them back to Versailles where they quickly became “très populaire”. 

Those of us who were surprisingly introduced to them at the dinner table in a wicker basket, lined with a white napkin, warm out of the oven, sprinkled with powdered sugar, will forever equate that experience with that of Marcel Proust as he dipped them in tea in his Aunt’s backyard.  A French garden that we can only imagine and a conversation between he and his aunt that we have long been privy to. 

Captivated by the very idea that smells and tastes bring us back to the long lost memories of our childhood, we equate Marcel Proust’s Madeleine cookie experience with that of the warm chocolate chip cookie, a homemade slice of bread, smore or favorite birthday cake that can retrieve our own childhood memories.  Simply stated, but profoundly impactful, having studied the brilliant literature of Marcel Proust and his recollection of this delightful “biscuit”, “A la Recherche du Temps Perdu” will forever change how we embrace our childhood memories and how we embark upon our journey of remembering.

The recipe that I have been using can be found at the link below.  A video with tips is included, which I took the time to review before I embarked on my first attempt to bake these delicious cookies. It’s worth watching!


My personal tips: Enjoy fresh out of the oven, warm with powdered sugar!


Try these flavors: Vanilla extract with lemon zest; Almond extract with orange zest. 


Have fun and happy baking!  Bon appétit!


mars 2021

World Language Classroom with Joshua Cabral


Click here to find an invaluable resource of "Tips, Tools and Resources for Teaching Foreign Language".


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