Le Grand Concours 2019

Excellent results, early prizes


    The decision to end testing before the last week of March proved to be a wise one this year. Prize and certificate deliveries were earlier than ever before, with participating teachers receiving their students’ medals in early May. Central New York’s participation held steady this year, and students earned an array of awards.  In our chapter, there were 61 bronze medals, 64 silver medals (including a FLES winner), and 26 gold medals! In addition, one student earned a platinum award -- a perfect score on the Level 2 exam. 166 students in Central New York earned honorable mention certificates. Bravo et félicitations à tous! 


As in the past, the chapter fee of $0.50 per test went towards prize shipping and participation certificates for those who did not earn national prizes. The top scorers in Central New York in each level were presented with named awards, honoring the legacy of past members of our chapter.


The National French Contest will be on-line again next year. Ordering will be available in late 2019. 


Testing dates for 2020 will be as follows:


FLES: February 15-March 1 

(Please be mindful of your district’s February break when scheduling testing.)



Levels 01-5: February 22-March 29

(Testing is recommended during the first two weeks of March.)


If you’ve never offered the National French Contest, now is a great time to start a tradition of excellence at your school! With on-line testing, you can proctor your own students and test during class time. The full test takes one hour and can be divided over two days. Participation is an asset to students’ college applications and a boon to their self-esteem. Prizes are a great way to honor students’ hard work and progress in French, and teachers are encouraged to publicize results (with parental permission for names and photographs) within their school districts and the larger community.


    Please contact Denise Mahns at grandconcoursaatfcny@gmail.com with any questions about the National French Contest.


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