Le Grand Concours 

Place your order from now until February 15.


            Registration for LGC 2019 is now available.  Orders must be completed online by February 15.copleted online by February 15. Visit 


to read about the test and follow ordering instructions.  The AATF of CNY encourages teachers to select online testing, as the deadline is earlier and costs are higher for paper tests.  In addition, online testing allows teachers to proctor their own students, can be completed over two days  if testing during class time, and requires only a computer or tablet with headphones for each student. Paper and pencil testing will be phased out soon.


Note dates for online testing:

FLES testing:  February 10 - 23, 2019

Levels 01 - 5 testing: February 19 - March 18, 2019


Also note the earlier end date to testing.  This change was made to ensure that results and prizes will be available in a timely manner.  Other changes include the elimination of the Language in Context Section for levels 01-3. Those questions will be replaced with additional listening and/or reading selections.


Once again this year, there will be plaques and medals for platinum scores (the highest score in each level), gold medals (95th percentile), silver medals (starting at the 85th percentile), bronze medals (starting at the 75th percentile) and honorable mention certificates (starting at the 50th percentile). When registering students, please request paper certificates.  National awards will be combined with local prizes in your prize shipment.  Be sure to enter student names correctly as prizes will be sent and certificate printed based on the name as entered.  AATF of CNY will award prizes to the highest scorers in our chapter and ensure that every student participant receives a certificate of participation.


The price per test for AATF of CNY members remains stable this year at $4.00. This price include a chapter fee of fifty cents per test to cover participation cetificates, local prizes and shipping.


Please contact Denise Mahns, local Contest Administrator at


with any questions about Le Grand Concours.  And, Bonne Chance!


The letter below was sent to teachers to encourage participation in Le Grand Concours!


Microsoft Word document [40.5 KB]