A message from Contest Administrator, Denise Mahns:


Dear Colleagues,


I am happy to extend best wishes from our officers, President Jennifer Kostolecki, Secretary Jolene Bennett and Treasurer Sarah Woodward-Jones. With the other members of our board and the guidance of past presidents, we provide special events to CNY French teachers.  We also support the informative publications produced by AATF and its annual sponsorship of the National French Contest, and locally, rewarding opportunities for teachers to interact and to acquire new or improved methodologies, such as our fall and spring workshops, as well as our own newsletter, le Cocorico.


Our 2017 results were excellent! Congratulations to all the students and their teachers.  The AATF of CNY awarded a certificate to every student who participated.  Students who ranked at the top of each level in our chapter were sent a prize from AATF of CNY in honor of their achievement.


Again this year, participants will be eligible to win medals and certificates based on their performance in the National French Contest.  Medals will be awarded based on percentile, not rank.  In registering students for the Contest, please be sure to select paper certificates.


NATIONAL WINNER                                                AWARD

Highest Score in each level/division                   Platinum medal, plaque, certificate

95th Percentile                                                 Gold medal and certificate

85th - 90th Percentile                                        Silver medal and certificate

75th - 80th Percentile                                        Bronze medal and certificate

50th - 70th Percentile                                        Mention d'honneur certificate


As a local chapter, we will ensure that all participants receive a certificate for their participation in the Contest.  Whatever the scores, we encourage you to celebrate student achievement.  Individual teachers and schools re urged to give prizes, to incorporate awards into assembly programs, to publish names and photos of participants with parental consent and to continue to use Le Grand Concours to promote excitement for the studey of French.


The 2018 National French Contest will be online.  Any device with Internet access and headphones may be used -- computers, Chromebooks, tablets, etc.  Teachers may proctor their own students and may split the exam in two parts -- listening one day and grammar/reading the next -- in order to use class time to test.  The full exam takes one hour.  Students will be assigned codes for accessing the online exam.  Teachers should be sure to enter accurate names for test takers before beginning the administration of the Contest.  Prizes and certificates will bear then names entered at the beginning of the Contest.


AATF of CNY encourages teachers to test online.  The price this year will be $4.00 per exam for AATF members with fifth cents of that cost going the the CNY chapter to defray shipping and prize costs.  Paper and pencil testing has extra fees involved.


Online testing will be active from February 24, 2018 to March 25, 2018.  AATF of CNY encourages teachers to test during the first two weeks of March. Individual teachers and districts may choose their testing dates based on school calendars and computer availability.


The FLES contest dates will be February 11 - 24, 2018. Please make note of your district's February break when scheduling testing.


All teachers, whether members of AATF or not, are encouraged to enter their students in Le Grand Concours.  This one hour exam challenges students' listening comprehension ability, knowledge of sentence structure and vocabulary.  It provides a valuable opportunity for our young francophones to demonstrate their language acquisition and to obtain well-deserved recognition for their efforts.  The exam is now based on themes being taught in most schools and awards are more easily attainable by students.


Please feel free to forward this information to any French teachers you may know.  In addition, if you are aware of beginning teachers who may not reeive this notice, let me know so that I can send them all the contest-related information.  If you have any questions concerning the Contest such as eleibiility, categories, etc., please contact me at your convenience at grandconcoursaatfcny@gmail.com


FLES testing is for any students currently enrolled in French classes prior to the seventh grade.  Middle and high school students may be entered in six different levels:  01, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Within these levels, there are letter divisions reflecting students' experiences with French and the special needs of schools with modular scheduling.  For more information, go to www.frenchteachers.org/concours   or  www.frenchcontest.org


ORDERING EXAMS FOR CONTEST:  order by January 30, 2018

Individual teachers will order their exams through the following website:

www.frenchcontest.org   and click "For the French Contest Store"

You will need to create an account even if you ordered through the website last year.  You may use your AATF Membership ID (don't have one?  Email grandconcoursaatfcny@gmail.com  or the email you used last year when creating your account.  Please be sure to check the box for paper certificates.


Visit the National French Contest website for additional information:


Awards and Review Material                             Eligibility Rules

Contest Specifications, FLES & levels 01 - 5       Practice Exams

Enrollment Guidelines                                      Dues-current members

Scholarships                                                    New member application

Reduced enrollment fees


Again, please do not hesitate to contact me at grandconcoursaatfcny@gmail.com  if you have any questions.  I have administered the online National French Contest since its inception and I would be happy to set your minde at ease if you have any concerns about technology or any other part of the National French Contest.



Denise Caroline Mahns

Doctor of Modern Languages

National Board Certified Teacher of French

Fayetteville-Manlius High School