LEARN FRENCH FROM "Têtes à claques" (contributed by M. Whorrall

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and then click "playlists"




SUGGESTIONS FOR LINKS TO VIDEOS SUGGESTED BY VERONIQUE BENNETT during her presentation on La Belgique, on April 5, 2014 at the Spring Workshop:


On You Tube:

Le Plat Pays Qui Est Le Mien (Alexandra Vida)


Visite de la Belgique avec Leila Ghandi


Belgium for Dummies (Koen Van Roy)


Belgium Divided (Journeyman Pictures)



Link to 10/5/12 NYSAFLT PRESENTATION by Sarah Woodward-Jones, "Le Retour de Petit Nicolas".  Access for clips from the film, ready to use classroom activities and resources.  Go to the website www.Edmodo.com , log in or create an account and enter in this group code:  4dhbui.


Link to advocacy materials provided by Marie Ponterio and originally presented at the Second Language Educators Conference, SUNY Cortland on 9/29, 12.  Go to the website http:/web.cortland.edu/flteach/civ/_



American Association of Teachers of French (national)



Language Educators of Central New York



New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers



American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages



Ronel Louis-Jean's Haitian note cards



French National Honor Society (Pi Delta Phi)







Ways to integrate technology

Suggestions from  Toni Theisen

President of ACTFL


From the workshop I attended this summer at the AATF National Conference, here are some ideas to integrate technology into your lesson plans.  You may be already familiar with some but some may be new to you.  Profitez-en!!

(submitted by Jennifer Reed, vice-president of AATF of CNY)


textivate.com- you out in a text and it gives you exercises to do with the text

ed.ted.com- find a video in French and add questions to it

bubblr- you can add word bubbles to pictures

issuu- can make a digital magazine or newsletter

vocaroo- use to make podcasts

dvolver- students can type in a script and create a movie

google voice- allows people to leave you up to a 3 minute message

goanimate.com- use to make animated videos

tag galaxy- Browse through Flickr photos in 3D

blabberize- free web 2.0 tool that allows you to quickly and painlessly create talking photos

layar- augmented reality- allows you to layer a picture with digital information.


There are more tips at https://tonitheisen.wikispaces.com.

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